Kawaii Agency’s
Shitposting Residency



So I’ve been absent, not posting as much as I should, I find it hard to make time for shitposting. Being an artist is hard, balancing it all is very tiring. I guess I’m always shitposting, always laughing at one thing or the other. Crying at memes, crying at myself, making notes to myself. It’s just difficult to catch them and put them onto keyboard. Maybe I didn’t give this enough importance. Anyways. What the fuck even is an artist. 

Here’s all the memes I’ve made this month! That I did post onto my instagram. But I wanted this to be seperate - guess burn out wins. Do things means less if they’re done last minute.

I wonder if I can constantly intellectualise my way out of failing as an artist and missing deadlines. Next person who does this - I hope you’ve planned something more cohesive, maybe set an alarm. The only alarm I had in June was my intermittent fasting alarm that i ignored constantly.

I fell in love with someone I shouldn’t have at work. It was a sort of infatuation, I made it all up. It’s a bit sad but I do think maybe if I was skinnier, taller, blonder, maybe he would’ve liked me back. and that’s probably the shittiest post of all. I’m 25 and I still can’t get over my bullshit. But I guess, it’s OUR bullshit now. I just want to make him laugh, I like making cute tall boys laugh, it feels like a fair exchange of power.  I need to get over being 5’7 and also height is not sexually transmitable. 

I’m such a cliche, but maybe me being recognisable and familiar could be my strong suite. Like diet coke in a foreign country. 

Maybe my memes are so loud because I keep hoping he’ll stumble his way back to me, see how bold the font is, how loud I am, he’ll think wow “August really is the funniest person that I know”. “It doesn’t matter that they give me the ick, funny people deserve love!”. I really am Rebecca from Crasy Ex Girlfriend. I want a fantasy. such a good show by the way. REALLY recommend 

I wish I could see the world for how it is and not through my insane gaze. 

I think the worst (best) things are written under stress, in the dark, on your bed, when your laptop screen is the only thing that exist. I kind of like the idea that this text will be archived. I think the fear of it just being live, the focal point stunted all this right now - what I’m writing. yes, it’s someone elses fault! (no it’s not)

I do not enjoy pillows that are too poofy, they have no business being so stuffed.

I’ve been nursing a heartbreak by myself for 2 whole months and not voicing it. He sent me a meme about guys who listens to FKA twigs. 

At least I lost weight! I’m so problematic, I’m not healthy whatsoever, I’m selfish, I’m obsessed with myself, but like... how do you even survive not being like that.

Tuesday 21th June 2022 (but not during 3am)

Tuesday 21th June 2022

y’all I’m going to push out as much content for this residency as I can in the last 9 days! you’re welcomed! 

I feel like this is my diary and You know when you write in your diary like, “oh sorry diary for not writing”.

What’s the kawaiffication of burn out I wonder. 

The kawaiffication of being stretched in multiple directions.

We were just in a pandemic!

We’re in a pandemic!

I never expected for any of us to actually make it through but it seems like we have by the skin of our teet. I wanted to treat this like a sketchbook but somehow even that feels like work.

There are so many disparate elements that I’m drawn to on a daily basis. I definitely have ADHD.

Here’s some memes I made on picsart on my Instagram in the month of June :) 


I was a kind slob in the pandemic and rageful bulimic bitch outside of before, and what does it mean for me now, in 2022. How do I combine all of those things. I can’t cry so I think sad songs allows me to process some this grief that I refuse to let out. so in the morning I’ll listen to Heather by enigmatic kawaii twink Conan Gray. 

Monday 16th June 2022

I feel like this is tumblr

Monday 6th June 2022

This month I’m really really pushing content creation. Trying to become a full on business girl. I wonder when I’m going to back in love with Fine Art. When will conceptual art leak back into my content creation on tiktok.

I listened to this podcast featuring OG business social media gal Michelle Phan

Here’s  a tiktok I made on brows lamination.

I also made this tiktok, not my main beauty one - which I use for paid work + make up tiktoks. This one is about me shoving a coke bottle up my ass!