Kawaii Agency’s
Shitposting Residency


Tuesday 21th June 2022 (but not during 3am)

Tuesday 21th June 2022

y’all I’m going to push out as much content for this residency as I can in the last 9 days! you’re welcomed! 

I feel like this is my diary and You know when you write in your diary like, “oh sorry diary for not writing”.

What’s the kawaiffication of burn out I wonder. 

The kawaiffication of being stretched in multiple directions.

We were just in a pandemic!

We’re in a pandemic!

I never expected for any of us to actually make it through but it seems like we have by the skin of our teet. I wanted to treat this like a sketchbook but somehow even that feels like work.

There are so many disparate elements that I’m drawn to on a daily basis. I definitely have ADHD.

Here’s some memes I made on picsart on my Instagram in the month of June :) 

I was a kind slob in the pandemic and rageful bulimic bitch outside of before, and what does it mean for me now, in 2022. How do I combine all of those things. I can’t cry so I think sad songs allows me to process some this grief that I refuse to let out. so in the morning I’ll listen to Heather by enigmatic kawaii twink Conan Gray. 

Monday 16th June 2022

I feel like this is tumblr

Monday 6th June 2022

This month I’m really really pushing content creation. Trying to become a full on business girl. I wonder when I’m going to back in love with Fine Art. When will conceptual art leak back into my content creation on tiktok.

I listened to this podcast featuring OG business social media gal Michelle Phan

Here’s  a tiktok I made on brows lamination.

I also made this tiktok, not my main beauty one - which I use for paid work + make up tiktoks. This one is about me shoving a coke bottle up my ass!