Cursed Images at Take Courage Gallery


It’s shaping up to be a most cursed summer, and maybe even the most cursed of all timelines - the war(s), airline chaos, crippling strikes, a government that defecates on your head all the time, this annoying thing called inflation (can someone pls explain what it is), twigs forced to make tiktoks for £££, AI becoming sentient and whiny, the climate crisis that refuses to just *go away*, and to top it off: your last grindr hookup just told you they tested for monkeypox.

What better way to get used to our new reality than indulging in something niche internet circles have already gotten over years ago: the cursed image. A prophet before its time, the cursed image beckons truth but dares not claim it. It strikes close to home because it is at once painfully familiar and disgusting to the point of instant rejection. It is above all a viral document of a flop era that is being dismissed in the shadows of unattainable opulence, celebrity worship and technological overdevelopment.

It is also the central theme behind Kawaii Agency's new IRL exhibition which will feature works from Ana Viktoria Dzinic, AP Nguyen, Muzi, Liv Wood, Guillermina Ricci, Molar.28, Bart Seng Wen Long and Juliusz Grabianski. The show opens on the 5th of July at Take Courage Gallery in New Cross, SE14 6TY, with a party powered by our resident roster of DJs. Who knows? Maybe this exhibition/party could just be the vibe shift we are all desperate for! jk it probs won't be, but don't let it stop you from making blessed memories together with us.

Event photography: Aaliyah Jackson